Restricted Funds Understanding How Restricted Funds Work

Restricted Fund Definition

Foundation managers often feel that successful grassroots fundraising indicates that an organization has substantial community support. The annual tax of 1.39 percent of net investment income that must be paid to the IRS by private foundations. Revenue sources that would typically be looked to for replenishment of a fund balance include nonrecurring revenues, budget surpluses, and Restricted Fund Definition excess resources in other funds . Year-end surpluses are an appropriate source for replenishing fund balance. Work with current donors to see if they support a pivot toward the greatest needs. If donors are giving to your organization, it is because they support its mission. They want to see your organization thrive and continue to provide meaningful impact to their community.

Restricted Fund Definition

While this can be labor-intensive, it may be useful for smaller nonprofits with only the odd restricted fund donation a year. However, larger nonprofits or those that see a steady stream of funds with donor restrictions may consider leveraging on fund accounting software like PreciseGrants.

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If a donor gives a donation with a designation that doesn’t make sense for the organization at that time, it can always ask the donor if the money can be used for other purposes. Most donors are trying to help the organization, and such a request is usually granted. If the donor is gracious enough to agree, the money isn’t restricted. Rarely, a donor may have a personal agenda, or is seeking some type of influence, and is not willing to lift the designation. At this point, the nonprofit can accept the donation and agree to the restriction, or it can refuse the gift altogether. Restricted funds are monies set aside for a particular purpose as a result of designated giving.

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These types of contributions used to be known as unrestricted funds, and are often called general operating or general support. This resource article aims to define funds with donor restrictions and funds without donor restrictions , and give nonprofit leaders the tools to record, report, and effectively manage contributed income and net assets.


To apply for a contract or grant the principal investigator for the project submits a proposal through the Office of Sponsored Research or its delegate to the sponsor. The following examples illustrate the classification of fund balance in governmental funds. If you have any questions or need further clarification of fund balance requirements, contact your financial reporting analyst. Fund balance is reported from the perspective of the underlying resources within fund balance.

If a situation arises that is serious enough to necessitate re-purposing restricted funds, it is necessary to obtain permission from the original donor to remove the restriction. That is the only legal way to use the money for purposes other than the original restriction. The Office of Sponsored Programs notifies Grant and Contract Accounting to activate Accounting Flag 4 on eligible grants and contracts by means of an instruction in the “remarks” section of the Funding Action . GCA activates Accounting Flag 4 in the Financial Accounting System for eligible grant and contract budgets and for all gift budgets. The UW Executive Vice President sets the rates that are the basis for these computations.

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She most recently worked at Duke University and is the owner of Peggy James, CPA, PLLC, serving small businesses, nonprofits, solopreneurs, freelancers, and individuals. A tangible asset cannot be considered restricted in the same manner as a monetary gift. The original designation has been honored for 20 years, and now your situation has changed. You’re not bound in any legal sense unless you have a restricted deed. The GAAP and FASB requirements are not dependent upon organization size.

  • A common example of a permanently restricted fund is an endowment that requires the principal to be perpetually maintained in an investment fund, while the interest is applied to the donor’s instructions.
  • Sometimes restricted fund balance includes resources available to finance items that typically would require the use of unrestricted fund balance (e.g., a contingency reserve).
  • Penalty taxes also may apply to organization managers, such as the charity’s board, that knowingly approve an excess benefit transaction.
  • The National Loans Fund is the government’s main borrowing and lending account.
  • However, the difference between them is that designated funds are set aside for a specific end by the nonprofit itself, while restricted funds are restricted by the donor.
  • Subsidiary ledger details are used to provide an appropriate level of budgetary control over government spending.

For further guidance on contributions and how they are recorded, see our article on revenue accounting for nonprofit grants and contracts. Restricted contributions result when donors impose restrictions that expire either by the passage of time or by fulfillment of the donor’s stipulated purpose. Other donor-imposed restrictions are perpetual in nature — e.g.,the donor stipulates that resources be maintained in perpetuity.

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Positive unassigned amounts will be reported only in the general fund. Funds provided by sponsors to reimburse the direct costs of contracts and grants are restricted per internal reporting definitions. The terms of the award and applicable regulations determine how the money may be spent.

What does restricted fund mean?

A restricted fund is a reserve account that contains money that can be used only for specific purposes. Restricted funds provide reassurance to donors that their contributions are used in a manner that they have chosen.

A grant made to establish an innovative project or program that will serve as a model, if successful, and may be replicated by others. Bylaws often provide the methods for the selection of directors, the creation of committees, and the conduct of meetings. A drive to raise funds for construction or renovation of buildings. Typically, there is a waiting period for the response from the attorney general, but that can vary from state to state. Understand what donor-restricted contributions are, why they can be problematic, how to navigate those challenges, and proactive measures to consider for the coming year. Learn about what donor-restricted contributions are, why they can be problematic, how to navigate those challenges, and proactive measures to consider for the coming year.

Restricted Fund Management for Nonprofit Organizations

There may also be restrictions on how the interest amount can be spent. If the non-profit fails to comply with the directions of the donor, the latter may take legal action against the organization or demand a full refund of the donation. No, that scenario does not create a “restricted account” in the legal sense. Your church may wish to treat it as a protected set-aside, which is perfectly fine. But, restricted funds can only be created at the time of the donation based solely on donor intent. If no such disclaimer was provided, these are restricted funds, subjecting them to the same treatment explained in the article. The donor must be given the right to refund, or to voluntarily allow the funds to be used elsewhere.

Restricted Fund Definition

This practice is allowed by financial accounting standards under the “first dollar rule.” Know the available flexibilities, if any, to help you more accurately budget and create cash models for the coming year. Collaboration with grantors and provider agencies may even allow you to structure grants and funding requests to better align with when you need cash most.

The donation would be earmarked to be given to the title agency closing on the home for the receiving individual. The benevolence ministry is willing to give this money to the closing escrow. As long as it’s disclosed to the donor in advance of the gift, it is both legal and ethical. Just make sure it’s clear to all, and you shouldn’t have any issues with it. Child raised money for donation purposes through school football game in 2021. Check the June BARs or MyFinancial Desktop Transaction Summary for the annual interest income posting on budgets eligible to receive this credit. Non-federal contract budgets, where the sponsor requires that the UW credit interest income to the budget.

In some states, or in relation to certain government-funded donors, this may amount to legal liability, and in relation to private funders, it may cause the nonprofit to become non-compliant with the terms of the fund. The effects of this could range from illegibility to secure reimbursement for expenses, where the grant is reimbursable, to civil fines and penalties for unethical behavior. In the FAN example, the total column for 2018 total income shows the full $60,000 multi-year grant and reports a surplus of $40,325. For practical purposes, only $20,000 could be used to support the program during this year. The “Without Donor Restrictions” column is the most valuable tool for monitoring the current year financial activities. Typically, the only way funds get restricted is directly by the donor .

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