Are you on the hunt for an engineer for installation or repair your dishwasher? Look no further, MEP Dubai is here to save your time and money. We understand how frustrating and disrupting it could be when your dishwasher or glass washer breaks down right when you are in the middle of using it.

Common dishwasher faults 

Not cleaning

Taking your plates out of your dishwasher to discover there is still food debris present? This is a common sign your dishwasher is not washing properly. This could be due to a number of faults ranging from clogged filters to faulty spray arms. 


Finding out your dishwasher is leaking is a serious fault that needs urgent attention before it causes water damage to surfaces. Our engineers are well equipped, whether the cause is a pump, loose door seal or hose.

Not draining

If you’re opening your dishwasher to discover that a pool of water is still sitting in your appliance. This fault usually occurs due to a faulty drainage system – our experienced engineers are on hand to help fix this quickly. 

Excessive noise

A dishwasher is not the type of appliance you would ordinarily expect to make a lot of noise. If your appliance is making a bit of a racket, it could be due to loose parts or elements.

Whether your dishwasher, both commercially or domestically operated, needs installation or repair of any kind our appliance repair experts are here to serve you in best professional and economically.

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