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Searching for a reliable appliance engineer to repair your faulty fridge freezer? At MEP Dubai we believe replacing your appliance is the last resort, especially when we know our engineers are capable of repairing even the most complicated fault. 

When a fridge breaks down or becomes faulty, it can be a race against time to save your groceries. While there can be a number of reasons behind why your fridge has suddenly ran into these problems, our team at Repair Aid can sort out 99% of refrigerator problems in just one visit.

Common Fridge Freezer faults

Fridge freezer not cooling

This is an extremely common fault. There are various reasons for this fault occurring such as a compressor failure, electrical fault, or an issue with the thermostat. 

Fridge over-freezing

Opening your fridge freezer to find ice built up near the back of the shelves? We recommend checking the thermostat inside the appliance. It’s easy for this to get knocked in a busy fridge – and set to the wrong temperature. If you have checked this and the fault is persisting then MEP Dubai is here to find out the root cause.

Ice maker not working

Your fridge freezer has an icemaker that stops working. This may be down to the water valueblockage, or a more complicated electrical issue.

Strange noises

If you are noticing strange noises coming from your Fridge Freezer that is becoming loud and wreaking havoc in your household.

If you live in UAE and your fridge is broken or not working properly you’ve come to the right place. Here at Repair Aid we have a team of dedicated engineers who are specialized in repairing broken or faulty fridges. Whether you have an American fridge freezer, combo or compact and counter depth appliance – our engineers are on hand to help.

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