When it’s come to TV technology whether its:

  1. Quantum Light-Emitting Diode TV (QLED)
  2. Organic Light-Emitting Diode TV (OLED)
  3. Light-Emitting Diode TV (LED) 
  4. Liquid Crystal Display TV (LCD)
  5. Digital Light Processing TV (DLP)
  6. Plasma TV Panels

In the innovative world, TV technology is moving from old Rays Technology towards LCD, LED, Plasma TV, OLED, QLED HD, 3D and is not stopping. New slim technology has secured human visual health and made easy to handle the TV devices even in bigger display.

We MEP Dubai is best to handle the matters related to installation and repair without any doubt. If you have bought new TV or you have an old TV of any Brand not functioning properly then you can trust MEP Dubai. We have solid experience of all the TV brands in UAE.

We have facility to repair all brands of TVs in UAE, our repair services not covered in manufacturing company’s Warranty, as we are service center of TV repair after warranty. We use original parts in TV repair services. Our services for Pickup and delivery after repair are faster and your devices are handled safely with care. Our Service Center is well equipped with experienced staff, repairing tools to provide you warranted repair of your TV unit.

Our Service center provides repair services of following major brands:

  • Samsung TV Repair Center
  • LG TV repair Center
  • Sony TV Repair Center
  • Toshiba TV Repair Center
  • Panasonic TV repair Center
  • JVC TV Repair Center
  • TCL TV Repair Center
  • Philips TV Repair Center

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