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Washing Machine Repairing

Washing Machine Repairing

Are you worried that your Washing machine not working? Don’t stress. At MEP Dubai, we aim to provide you with a quick, cost-effective repair within a reasonable time scale. MEP Dubai is offering excellent services for washing machine in U.A.E for all know available brands. Our skilled technicians can repair different types of washing machine problems. Owing to our expert knowledge in this field, our experts can analyze the problems accurately and locate the roots of the problem to finish it completely. Be it any make or model, our technicians are efficient in repairing any type of washing machines.

For the knowledge of customers we would like to share the common washing machine faults:

Each and every machine is unique and therefore the numbers of different faults are almost endless. Here are some of the common faults:

Won’t Start

We have a guide on the common issues for when a washing machine won’t start but there are numerous faults which could cause this from no power going through to the machine to a faulty sensor.

Won’t Spin

If your washing machine is not spinning, check to see if there’s an unbalanced load inside the appliance and if it’s level on the surface.

Not Filling With Water

If your washing machine isn’t filling with water the issue could be with the hoses, filters, sensor or even the pressure chamber. This is something which would require troubleshooting by an expert.

Won’t Drain

Regularly check to see if the filters are clean. Usually they can be found on the bottom of the appliance.

Though there are many other problems that you could face regarding your washing machine but whatever it would be our experienced Technicians will quickly diagnose and repair problems and giving you a peace of mind again.

Benefits of hiring an Expert technician for washing machine repair?

An Expert and certified technician can fix the machine working effectively for longer time. Most importantly by hiring of the professional technicians we can ensure that the job has done right and make sure that all the other functions of the machine are also in proper working condition.

The best practices to maintain front/Top load washing machines of all major brands?

The best practices to improve the health of washing machine is to run a detergent cleaning cycle periodically to maintain clean washing machine. While using bleach it is advisable to run another empty quick wash cycle to drain all the bleach remains. The fabric softeners must be diluted as the concentrated solutions might build up inside the washing machine drain causing blockages. It is necessary to leave the front load doors open to let the air enter the washer and the motor to keep it smell free. If your washing machine having any operating problem try to find good technical company for repair of your washing machine.

Our Technicians are expert in repair of following brands of washing machine:

  • Siemens washing machine repair center
  • Bosch Washing machine Service center
  • Samsung Washing machine service center
  • Candy washing machine service center
  • LG Washing Machine Service center
  • Hoover Washing machine Service center
  • Hisense Washing machine service center

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